Monday, January 31, 2005

Not Happy and Not Haphazard too...

Life is too cruel at times, otherwise I (& a few other friends) wouldn't have had to pretend at Mani's wedding reception that we knew nothing about Bharath's grief.

Jan 30, 2005 - I was so excited as this day dawned as I was getting down at the Srirangam railway station at that time, for a mere one-day visit. Isn't that more than enough to make me delighted? This was the first time I was visiting the place where I 'grew up' after more than 2 years. I had decided to meet some of the old friends, acquaintances, etc. But, to my delight, it happened to be a lot. I was in for a great surprise and a bit of embarassment too when I saw TMT sir at the station to pick me up. Anyway, it took away my strain of walking upto his house. Thanks Sir !

Reached his home and were just talking about all possible things for about 2 hours and then got ready to go out, TMT sir in his black & white as he had to officiate a league match at St. Joseph's college. He got dropped at the ground and gave his bike to me for roaming around the Trichy which I love. First ride was to both the extremes of Thillai Nagar - yeah 1st & 11th crosses, but 1st cross was unsatisfactory as Chandra Aunty & Co. weren't there. 11th cross wasn't as I was able to meet Doctor & maami who were thrilled at seeing me after years and they were even more happy on hearing about Siddharth's birth & the US visit of Prabhu. Maami, who can just not stop talking about Amma, mentioned that Amma would have been so happy to see all this.

I, then, rode to the famous Pushpak Nagar and visited Vaithi's home and met his parents and Krishnan too. I also saw the plot-cum-ground where a few world class cricketers were almost discovered ! Then came the most wonderful moment of my visit. Went to the house where we lived for years and that house has seen all our moods and I was in tears as soon as I entered. I just wanted to step into the compound and come back, but the current tenants there were good enough to let me inside their (no no, our) house and offered me coffee too. I had a cup of water and took two snaps along with the mandapam and came back with a very very heavy heart. I also said a hi to our maid who lived next door.

After this, I went to Kailash Nagar (yeah, the same place which is a few miles away from Trichy where Sathyadev lived) to meet his parents. Unfortunately, they weren't there and so left a message with the neighbours and came back to Srirangam and visited Uma's parents and even spoke to Uma over phone. I heard her after a few years and was obviously very happy. She has a son now, Ashwin and I also saw his photo in which he looked quite smart and also heard that he has even grown up well after being a pre-mature baby. I hope she leads a trouble-free life forever.

I then went to my favourite icecream shop, Seakings, and had my dearie icecreams and went to the cricket ground and enjoyed the match for about an hour and then returned home with TMT sir. As we returned home, the great shock was waiting for us from Swaminathan. Life is so cruel on good people many a time and this time the victim turned out to be Bharath (who was supposed to get married today) and his family. His father had died of a massive heart-attack a few hours prior to his wedding reception which should have taken place on sunday evening in Chennai. So, Swaminathan and I called up a few friends in Chennai to inform about this tragedy and then we even spoke to Chari who was with Bharath to give him the much-needed strength at this time of deep distress. Why should Bharath face such a pain when he should have been happily posing for photographs with his newly wedded wife Ms.Veena. My heart goes out for her too - I can realise her misery too of her wedding getting postponed in such a tragic scenario. No one, even in their wildest of dreams, would have expected Bharath and his family to be coming back to Trichy yesternight. I hope all these sorrows fade away soon and I hope to see Bharath & Veena happily wedded. Let his father bless them from the heavens, but would have been a lot more simpler and easier and happier if he had blessed them here from earth. Bharath would also have been happily sitting in front of smoke on a dias rather than stand in front of the pyre. On top of all these, we attended Manikandan's reception and even spoke to him as if we would be attending Bharath's wedding at Chennai on monday and all of us, though happy for Mani, left Trichy with a very heavy heart which was beating for Bharath yesterday and a few more days to come.

For me, it was very much a mixed day - visiting Srirangam after a long time, spending time with TMT sir, meeting a lot of oldtimers, visiting our old home carrying memories of amma, hearing a friend after a long time, a friend's reception going as per schedule and another one's getting cancelled due to a sudden mishap.

I was adviced by a few elders not to attend the condolence as I am a new dad. This life continues to office today setting up ads for various clients !

It was such a sad day that even Australia lost a match yesterday.


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