Sunday, March 08, 2009

Slumdog Millionaire - more disappointing

Let me be frank and honest - the best thing, to me, about Slumdog Millionaire was that it was Siddharth's first ever visit to a cinema hall. My wife and I were so excited about taking him to the theatre, once we decided to do it with Slumdog Millionaire. We are also victims of the hype. Now I think we could have done with some other movie to mark his debut. One of my friends has been telling me that this movie getting so many awards is a con job. Today, I can't agree with him more.

Infact, I am shocked that it has won so many awards. Yes true, I don't know anything about the technical aspects of the movie. But, if it has won the Best Movie award, I have every right to doubt the other awards as well. By no means, this can be the best movie. Either all the awards were made-up or all the judges were completely blind and deaf. I was so happy for Rahman & Resul, but now I have second thoughts. I have no clue of why they have to make this up, but definitely this movie doesn't deserve so much. I myself have seen many more movies much better than this one - in terms of story, screenplay, music, etc., etc. You can't even dismiss it as 'D. It's written'. I am fairly sure Rahman himself would be baffled thinking why for this, when he has delivered many more marvellous songs and some extremely awe-inspiring background scores recently.

All in all, Slumdog Millionaire was very mediocre to me and you will agree if you think outside of all the hype and more so if you have listened to many more Rahman's scores. Not worth it!

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Thursday, February 12, 2009


I think, Sri Ram Sena or not, all is not well with Valentine's Day anywhere in the world - not just India. Thanks to Prabhu, I happened to read this commentary by Roland S. Martin and I have to agree with each and every word of his. A relationship, if its dear to your heart, has to be cherished all through the year - all through life, infact - and not just on one particular day. Definitely not on an universal day.

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Friday, January 16, 2009

படிக்காதவன் - half nice

I had high hopes on Padikkaadhavan after the recent performances by Dhanush and decided to watch it even ahead of Villu. The first half of the movie had a very good mix of comedy, fun, twists and action inflating the expectations, but only to disappoint terribly in the second half.

Dhanush has not disappointed, but the screenplay has let the movie down. The so-called comedy track of Vivek slackens the movie to the extent that it completely makes you forget the good start and irritates you to the core making you look for the end. Suman & Atul Kulkarni have been wasted like rotten food, when a lot could have been made out of them as worthy villains. Dhanush going to the villain and requesting to excuse him for a mistake without any beatings is a repeat from his earlier movies and can't stand it anymore. Anyway, he beats the baddies finally - so, why go for non-violence especially again and again.

If you can afford to spend the full money, spend it. But go back home during the interval.

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Saturday, January 03, 2009

அம்மா, you are the best

Uyirum neeyae udalum neeyae unarvum neeyae thaayae than
udalil sumandhu uyiril kalandhu uruvam tharuvaay neeyae
un kannil vazhiyum oru thuli poadhum kadalum urugum thaayae
un kaaladi mattum tharuvaay thaayae sorggam endbadhu poyyae
vinnaip padaiththaan mannaip padaiththaan
kaatrum mazhaiyum oliyum padaiththaan
boomikku adhanaal nimmadhi illai
saami thaviththaan thaayaip padaiththaan

I follow தமிழ் movie songs and I have liked most of the அம்மா songs. Somehow I have been missing this song - best of them all from the movie Pavithra - probably because I usually hate anything associated with Ajith. But, this one has been a revelation in terms of lyrics and the rendition by Unnikrishnan and of course, the Rahman music too. I have loved Unnikrishnan's voice, ever since என்னவளே, but this song has been beyond all superlatives. I think it has been the singer who has given the most life to this song, with due respect to the lyricist and the musician. I don't know if there is a better அம்மா song on earth. Simply the best - can't stop thinking of my mom.

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