Monday, February 14, 2005

Life's getting too exciting these days with Siddharth around. He has slowly started to recognize me as well in addition to Laks & his paati. If there are Gods, they certainly would be coming down to earth just to see Siddharth smile - its so heavenly. He doesn't give us a smile or two, he does it more and keeps all of us immersed in joy. Further more, he has started to utter a few meaningful words like 'iiiinnnnnggghha', 'aaaauuuuwwwwhhh' etc. I really feel for Prabhu who is missing all these lovely little things, but he will have his chance soon as he would be losing his bachelor's degree in June 2005. Along with Prabhu, there are few others who happen to miss Siddharth and his loveliness - some for valid reasons, some for reasons which can't even be termed as one and some for the contempt on me.

I really hate it when I have to step out for work or anything else and be away from him. But, I am afterall the dad and not the mum to spend all the time with Sid. His limb movements are another delight to watch. I term them right arm legspin or left arm seamers out of my passion and others give me a stare for that. Whatever, its so fantabulous to get engaged into. His adjectiveless postures of sleeping makes me crush him to plant a kiss or two and Laks promptly shouts at me for disturbing his sleep !

Sid's sleeping schedules are as peculiar as any other child and keeps Laks & his paati awake during nights and he happily sleeps during the day time. He prefers to sleep on people's laps rather than the cushion beds. And already he has more dresses than me & Laks with lots of new dresses bought by a lot of people (major share held by Pavithra) and a lots of dresses from Jaagruthi and Athithi - yes, girl babies - they have outgrown their dresses now. Even Sid is starting to grow and quite fast at that as many shirts which looked cute and fitting last month , now look just cute !

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