Monday, November 06, 2006

Drama for dummies

I vaguely remember attending 1 or 2 SVe Shekar/Crazy Mohan dramas long back. I, somehow never got the chance to see dramas or rather, I never took the initiative to go and see dramas as much as I took for pethal movies. Thanks to Anandhi, I happened to be part of the audience at the Museum auditorium yesterday for the stage drama Lifeline: ICU-2 by dummies drama. Though it started about 15 minutes late, I definitely enjoyed the show. To me, all the actors were unknowns as I was completely new to stage dramas. Still, I thought most of them did a good job at keeping the audience enthralled for the one-and-a-half hours. I thought Dr. Sudharsan & the administrative officer Reddy really did a very good job, though an earlier review of the drama seems to disagree. The drama had the right mix of sentiment and comedy. Also, there was more than one message in it - the nobility of a doctor's profession (irony that I saw E just the previous day), unwanted political violence, lack of medical equipment amenities in our country and more social help from superstars.

Now, I look forward to attending such plays. Hopefully...



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