Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Sillunu Oru Kaadhal - a complete crap

I restrained myself from writing this review yesterday as Surya & Jothika got wedded yesterday and on such an important day of their life, I wasn't willing to give such a bad opinion about their latest movie.

After all the hype, even before the movie's release, I was skeptical about the movie and it exactly turned out the way I had doubted. Some months back, when the shooting of the movie started, there were posters all around with Surya, Jo, Bhoomika. One of the posters which caught my eye had AR Rahman in it - I think sitting with a guitar. I was wondering why so much publicity for a man of such fame and calibre. Only now I realize that they did it because they were sure that he was the hero of the movie as there was nothing more in it. If the songs are removed, the movie itself isn't there. Infact, not all songs are enticing. The movie absolutely has no aim in it - and its a let down with such cast.

Surya (Gautham) & Bhoomika (Ishwarya @ Ishu) love each other while in college and they even marry in the registrar's office, but the very next minute they are separated by her politician-father. Surya is beaten up badly and isn't out of bed for sometime. Meanwhile, we understand that she is moved to some far away place out of Surya's reach. And then, to fulfil his uncle's wish, Surya (a bit reluctantly) marries Jothika (Kundavi) from a village and settles down in Mumbai. The couple get into a very happy life with their daughter, Ishu (Kuch Kuch Hota Hai connection?). Jothika happens to read her husband's old diary and comes to know of the Bhoomika-Surya relation. Without revealing to Surya, for all the love he has on her, decides to give him a day with Bhoomika. Goes around and finds her and invites her home without Surya's knowledge and then leaves both of them together and goes out for a day. A torrid bore gets even worse at this point of time for about 20-25 minutes and then she comes back home to realize that they both spend just an hour together as Surya loves Jothika more these days and there is no place for anyone else in him.

I wonder why AC Durai's name was mentioned as there is absolutely no story whatsoever. And the screenplay and direction have wrecked further havoc. As you would expect, there are scenes and some lyrics relevant to Surya-Jo's real life wedding. Munba Vaa... comes out as a wonderful melody, while Kummi Adi... is a nice country-side mix. Rahman's voice in Newyork Nagaram... is so captivating with some nicish and innovative picturization. Cinematography deserves a good mention definitely for being bright and colorful all through the movie.

One thing that was nice to me was that Surya drives a car that I own, though a different colour.

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