Monday, November 27, 2006

Sivappathigaaram - yethaavadhu seyyanum saar

Starts like naattupurapaatu and ends with a very good message, but the screenplay definitely lacks the vigour to make it racy. The opening village shots are very exciting and green which make you (atleast me) feel like being at those places sometime in life.

The voluntarily retired professor Ilango (Raghuvaran) comes and settles down in his native picturesque village along with his daughter Charulatha (Mamta). His best student Sathyamurthy (Vishal) also joins him as they both settle down to do some research on folk songs in the country side. Later we realize that they are against bad politicians/politics. Infact they go about killing them and the killings even postpone the elections in the state. The police eventually close in on them and Vishal has a good lengthy talk in the climax which seems to have valid points. A lot of people would have thought all these, but taking the next step isn't possible in reality and hence we can atleast see it on screen. On the other hand, its a bit deadening that some things only get worse in this society. The ending rightly says - Yethaavadhu seyyanum saar. But, who? where? when?

Needless to say, Raghuvaran has played his role to perfection with subtle smiles and dialogues. Vishal also gets better with every movie, but seems to imitate Vijai more often. Mamta looks good at times and not-so-good at times, but definitely, just a normal heroine in the movie and has nothing to do, except for two songs. There are many eye-pleasing natural village scenes as the movie moves slowly. There is also an unnecessary kuthu naattupura paatu, while the hero is introduced, with a damsel in very little clothes. Atrai thingal..., which is a superb pleasing song to hear has been videographed horribly indoors with a sexy theme - a huge disappointment to those like me who were eager to see the song on screen. The comedy track is taken care by Ganja Karuppu and he hasn't let us down badly. Showing the blood in black when the politicians are murdered conveys the message clearly.

Karu. Palaniappan has definitely done a good job in opting for this message, but hasn't been great in dealing with it - be it the first half or the second. He has only bored the audience in trying to bring up the crux a bit late in the movie and when its in, he has missed the bus flight, as such should have been the speed of the movie.

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