Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Long live military hospital!

Ever since I moved out of Trichy, my cricketing activities have diminished - playing & umpiring. This, inspite of me spending most of my career till date very close to cricket. I have been longing to play cricket atleast during the weekends - but haven't found out good company and/or good grounds. Last week, I managed to find a group of friends who play cricket on saturdays and decided to try playing with them. Hence, I joined them to play, early last saturday at a ground adjacent to the military hospital near Nandambakkam. More than the cricket, I was pained by another act which has really disturbed me for the past 3-4 days and I hope that someone really sets these stupid things right in our country, very soon.

We started playing and we had almost finished an innings when one guy turned up late. When enquired, he had overslept and also had had a fall just before getting into the ground. A stray dog has ran amok and he couldn't apply the brakes in time and hence had a lot of bruises, a real lot, all over his body and his pant was torn too. Needless to say, the vehicle had its own share of bruises which can be set right at any mechanic shop. Immediately, one of the kinder souls took him to the nearby military hospital to get some first aid - primarily to get the bleeding bruises to be cleaned up and possibly get an injection, if need be.

After a very short while, both of them returned and I was shocked to hear their words - "Not for civilians". This is what they have heard from the people at the hospital. I agree, the injury was not life threatening, but still, one expects some humanity atleast in hospitals. I expect it to be more in military hospitals given that they really know (?) the value of lives - be it civilians or military men. Do we need this partiality in our country where we keep saying that a man in Kanyakumari sheds tears for someone totally unknown in Kashmir for sacrificing his life for the nation?

There is definitely a need to repair some rules for the sake of humanity, atleast. Upgrading hospitals aren't of any use if they don't attend to the needy.

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Blogger Deena said...

Hi Ganesh,

I accept your view, but there must be some reason for this act. If that hospital is meant to do service for militry personnel and their family members, they have to follow it. Likewise how you can't get treatment in Railway hospital. Speaking about humanity, take a case of Government hospital, which meant to do service round the clock for the poor. I had my personal experiance of doctors declined to take up the emergency case just because it's midnight and they don't have enough supporting staff's. So just don't blame anyone.

5:01 PM, July 21, 2006  

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