Thursday, August 17, 2006

Sporting Brilliance - Adore or Scorn?

Rohit Brijnath's lesson on today's The Hindu was a very nice read. In a nutshell he says - Sometimes it's good to halt for a moment, inhale athletes' brilliance, and marvel at what they do.

But, as always there are two sides to any coin. Some would agree to his words and believe that the internationals are a class apart and we should admire them even when they fall at some hurdles. On the other hand, one can also argue that we, as fans, have the right to complain as they are international stars only because they are equipped to avoid those hurdles. Also, they let down the faith of millions of people when they fall. Still, there are some people whom we love despite their failures - Sampras, Schumacher, Tendulkar,...

Whatever stand one takes, I just loved reading these lines - may be because I am a Dravid fan, as you may already know.

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