Friday, March 11, 2005

In one of those numerous mails I get daily, today was a mail from a friend named Arvind asking for some info to our groupmates. When I was about to delete the mail as I had no clue about his request, I happened to see at the bottom corner. Collecting my intelligence and instincts, I realised that it would be Arvind's blog and clicked on it. Into his blog, my eyes were just swanning around to see if he had archived a mail which he had sent to our groups after my wedding in July 2002. What a surprise ! I found that as a post in his blog and as you expected, I read it again thoroughly. Got very nostalgic today - its been more than 2 years and 8 months and its so nice to relive it in words. Of course, photos are a different story. Life has changed a lot these days - I love my wife more now and we have a son to cherish.

So, my wedding is on the net now - thanks a million to Arvind.


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