Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Managed to see the Vijay starrer 'Sachein' over the weekend and I was disappointed to say the least after so much hype and expectations (probably if the name is Sachin, it would fall short of expectations). I was so eager to see Vijay do this loverboy role after quite sometime, but the director has muffed up. The movie doesn't have a proper storyline in the first place though you could feel shades of 'Kushi'. Inspite of Vijay doing complete justice to the role and Genelia looking cute (though she can't act), I have to say the movie turns out to be a bore. Raghuvaran in SacheinYou really wonder why was a talent like Raghuvaran wasted in the movie. If you have seen this image here, you have seen all of Raghuvaran in the movie too. And of course, Bipasha Basu, inducted for sex-appeal turns out to be a huge flop as Shobha Warrier points out aptly. Her song also has been cut, atleast in the theatre where I watched. Sudhish Kamath writes that there are only two fight sequences in the movie unlike his other movies, but I wonder why those two? Even the songs aren't great when compared to his recent movies. Vaadi Vaadi..(sung by Vijay himself) and Vaa vaa, yen thalaiva.. are quite ok and that's it. The unnecessary misty feel given throughout the movie is irritating. When was the last time anyone saw mist inside homes and even inside the Chennai airport? This might turn out to be a hit with the Vijay-charisma, but the movie can't win by itself is blatant. Now for Vijay fans, its time to wait for 'Sivakasi'.

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