Saturday, October 29, 2005

After London, its New Delhi

Happened to surf channels as usual and managed to catch the unfortunate news of bomb blasts in Delhi. Logged on to the net immediately and came to know that it could be as much as 4 blasts at 4 different places. The number of casualities being said right now would certainly increase by tomorrow or even late tonight.

The next thing I did was to check about the relatives in Delhi and was relieved to get an all safe message from them.

Settled down to hear more news on TV and saw the Delhi CM's message - "Sad day for Delhi" - this, to me, was absolutely intelligent and infact a great eye-opener to many people in the world. Next came the other fabulous message. This time, from the PM stating - "People should stay calm and terrorism cannot defeat the people of India". As the PM's message flashed on the TV screen, the visual showed a man down in tears and crying quite vociferously, probably having lost one/some of his kins. How can you make him think that terrorism cannot defeat India and India will surely win the war against terrorism?

Till this point of time, no terrorist group has claimed to be responsible for this mishap. Stay tuned to a lot of TV channels and websites to know more details.

One last question to the President - if incase the people responsible for this are spotted, should we pardon them without a death sentence? Probably, yes, we should give them death, as sentences seem to be pretty long these days.

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