Saturday, September 24, 2005

Yet another hot day - felt it very badly today as we just now came back home after some shopping. My wife is infact very tired and sleeping and this internet mania especially with the broadband being the pudhu pondaatti keeps me in front of the computer and type this for a few people to read or may be even just me reading it again in the black background and white font. I need to make sure that I pass this post URL to some of my friends atleast and threaten them to read it and make them believe that good luck would be on their side if they passed this URL to 10 people within 24 hrs. and of course bad luck, if they didn't do it.

A weekend is always great especially when you have a 5-day week. You would hardly notice the sunday passing by in a 6-day week. I am happy in that way. But, the week that passed by was a bit extra strainful with some extra load - probably even God doesn't know about the existence of some clients, but I know and I handle them. Does this mean I am greater than God? No, not for this, but for putting up with some people and things daily. May be not, as everyone has problems with people around them and all of them continue to live in harmony, and fight. Yennada thathuvam pesaraannu yosikeereenga, theriyuthu..summa oru bandha thaanga - forget it. Ippo kooda paarunga, I finished a tin of Diet Coke. Ithu bandha illavey illeenga, less than 1 calorie - athaan!

One of my friends is leaving to the US tonight and so I have go and meet him now and have to hand over a few things to reach my people in the US. Prabhu & Madhuri, hope your are listening, when my friend returns, you have to send back stuff from the US for me.

I have one more day left in the weekend, when I have to go and pay the metro water tax. Yes, you read it right - metro water! We have hardly got it or used it in this house but still end up paying those taxes on time. Sheesh, don't I pay income tax too when I am not entirely happy about my income - manager listening? Then what, spend some time with my wife & little Sid and watch some Indhiya tholaikaatchigalil mudhanmuraiyaaga.. and then that bad sunday night when I have to wake up to the same one year old work. Anyways, I start the week expecting that next friday evening!

Read the entire post? Cursing yourself - don't do it yet, I would transfer this to another blog where just the name would be ample proof of what this is.


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