Wednesday, September 14, 2005

For once I had popups enabled after a long time in my browser and the first pop I saw was this and it links to this page.

With popups already being irritants to the users, the message and the graphic should be really catchy to get 'that' click. Simple, Super, Special Sixers!!! - why three exclamatory marks ? Its an ad promo for a Test series' six zone and both the players are shown in ODI attire. Forget clothing, but it could have been a batting image of Taibu atleast. Incase you click and get into the six zone, the first thing that strikes you is - what's the point? Is it the website's fault of selling such pointless features (if I may call it) or is it the advertiser/agency at fault for sponsoring 'anything' to just be on the net. I hold Cricinfo & Maruti at high esteem and so I have bothered to scribble about it.

The second one I saw was this.

What's the name - Sachin's Spin or Sachin Spins? The promo is clearly ambiguous. Such a leading site cannot afford such slipups.

With online advertising reaching greater heights, some people really forget the term quality in pursuit of money. I agree everything boils down to money, but I don't think a site can afford to lose users with cheap ads. In such cases, where would the money come from in the long run ?


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