Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Personally, I am a believer in a home-maker wife/mom. I happened to come across this post by an ex-lawyer which spoke about leaving the child with a baby-sitter and the mom going to work. I enjoyed reading it as she had described every detail extremely well. But, what hurt me was when she looked upon herself as a (mere?) baby-sitter instead of a mom, by saying...

I strongly feel that however good the baby-sitter is, he/she cannot be a mom. I am not blaming moms who go to work as there would be several reasons and justifications for their respective cases. Most cases, it may turn out to be money and in some cases the woman feeling empty by sitting at home. But, I feel (you agree or not) that children who have a working mom miss something invaluable in life. I agree with grown-ups, but when they are less than 8-9 years old, the mom is very essential. These are exactly what I wanted to convey with my comments to Sujatha's post. I don't know as to how she took my views. I was extremely lucky to have a home-maker mom. I am not a male chauvinist and you can check with my wife on that. Most luckily for me, my wife agrees with me in this issue and she is a perfect home-maker and spends all her time with our almost 10-month old son - Thanks Laks !

I have read somewhere that God made moms as he cannot be there with everyone all the time. Incase, if any of you happen to email or call or write a letter or sms him, please convey that he now needs to look for better alternatives as all moms are not able to replace his role in their child's life.

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