Monday, January 22, 2007

A first today

Today was the first time, Siddharth was in school all by himself for three hours. It wasn't actually long for me, but too long for Laks who was almost in tears when we left him inside the play-school and escaped before he could realize that we are gone. Unfortunately, he knew it within a minute and rushed to the gate crying. But, we had to keep our hearts tough and turn back as he has to get used to it. Its already been a enough of play-schooling for Laks, as she was with him there for a week.

Laks kept calling the mobile of the lady who takes care of Sid there, but unluckily, the mobile was never picked. Later, we understood that he had stopped crying in a while and has gone to play with the kids. Again, he has spilt his snacks from the box and has eaten from another child. Since he was doing it last week, we decided to send him what the other child brought. But, that child also changed the snack and Sid was attracted to the new snack yet again. Now, I understand why some big branded schools don't allow snacks from home and provide their own stuff to all children. Later, we learnt that he has enjoyed his day there and the irony is that he wasn't willing to come back home when Laks went to pick him up at 12 noon. It seems, he was so engrossed in playing outdoors and even bid a bye to her as he wanted to continue playing with the kids.

I just couldn't imagine that Sid has grown up so much that he has started to go to a play-school. The nurse holding him and me seeing him for the first time is still fresh in my minds and its been more than 25 months since. Time flies, but with Sid, time rockets even faster.

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Blogger Kamal said...

A very good review Ganesh....
Me to enjoyed this movie a lot!!!
Awesome from Gautham...

6:44 PM, February 21, 2007  
Blogger Ganesh said...

thats fine, but you could have commented on the relevant post ;)

7:48 PM, February 21, 2007  

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