Friday, January 19, 2007

Thaamirabharani - flows quite well

A typical Hari movie with his usual ingredients, but a good one to watch this time around. Let me not get into the storyline as it isn't anything excitingly new. The director has to be praised for handling the many characters he has twined into the tale. With every movie, Vishal keeps getting better which is definitely a scary news to those whose performances and movies keep hitting the bottom. As all of us know, action & stunts come easily to Vishal. In this movie, he has done a good job at sentiments too, especially in the latter part of the movie. Such elderly roles suit Prabhu very well and he has outdone anyone else in the movie and Nadiya also has played her role to perfection. Nasser, Rohini and others too contribute well, though Rohini still doesn't look like Vishal's mother. There are a few dragging instances in the first-half but the director wakes up and makes up for it in the second-half. Yuvan's music isn't great, but nothing to complain as well.

The two definite negatives of the movie are the heroine and the comedy. Vishal's pair Bhanu, atmost, looks suited for a weighted sister role or maybe a heroine in one of those everlasting serials on TV. Ganja Karuppu is yet to graduate to be a prime comedian for a movie - he can play the second comedian's role to perfection. But here, he has bored the watchers with atrocious comedy sequences. Hari could have done better on both these aspects.

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Anonymous Rajesh said...

Thamiraibharani is a family entertainer.

6:31 PM, April 22, 2009  

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