Friday, July 01, 2005

Last weekend, Sid experienced his first train journey as Laks, Sid & I accompanied Madhuri & Rahul to Bangalore. I am 200 days old !All of us left on the Friday (Jun 24) night and spent five good days there. We happened to do a lot of shopping, eat out and also spent an evening with Jagadish, Krithika & Jaagruthi. Everything was so pleasant with Anu and Abhi playing the perfect courteous host by tolerating the chaos and pandemonium we were creating at their home. Amidst all this, Sid quietly got past his double century on Sunday (Jun 26) - here is how he got to his hundred.

Laks & Madhuri with Sid When we left, the biggest worry to Laks & me was how would Siddharth cope with the train travel. What if he cries all night? What if he doesn't sleep at all? We were anyway prepared to sit up all night if he refused to sleep as long as he doesn't cry and make us a big disturbance to the other passengers. Sid, being such a nice child that he has been all these days, never troubled us and slept all night peacefully in the train eventhough the train was late by more than an hour to reach Bangalore. It was a great relief to us and we didn't worry at all about the return when he again zero-troubled us. It was actually, Laks, Madhuri & me who didn't sleep for a long time in the train as we were very busy talking, talking, talking,...

The apartment where we stayed and the Bangalore climate fascinated us a lot - not a drop of sweat was felt, though it was quite sunny at times. Needless to say, that we enjoyed Madhuri's company and were laughing happily making all the fun in the world. It was wondrous to have Rahul & Sid together and enjoy their childics, though Rahul's possessiveness hurt Sid at times. We also spent a day at The Forum where Shankar also joined us for the lunch and fun.

It was very tough for me to get out of the holiday mood and get back to work on Thursday. But, I have lived up and has spent 2 good days at work though I am waiting for the weekend to come sooner.

Oh, I forgot to mention that I have now started to wear a five face rudraksha which I bought in Bangalore.

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