Tuesday, August 23, 2005

After more than 2 months of its release, I obliged director Shankar's request and watched the much hyped Anniyan in the theatre yesternight. The message this time from Shankar is about each and every individual realising his social responsibilities and be more humane. He has used Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD) to make his case more interesting and confusing. On the whole, though you could sense that its a Shankar movie, even if you miss the titles, there are enough scenes which don't carry the Shankar stamp. Even MPD isn't handled as well as Sidney Sheldon did it in 'Tell Me Your Dreams'. Needless to say, it was a remarkable effort by him to characterise split personality with words. Who can forget Ashley Patterson ?

Coming back to the movie, the songs also aren't as great as you expect from a Shankar movie, clearly placing the Harris-Shankar combo at a lower step than the Rahman-Shankar combo. Kumari..'s visuals attract very much, but I feel the song (lyrics/music) and the video does not go well together. Andangkaakka.. is a good hit though it reminds you of some Shankar's earlier songs. Iyengar Veetu Azhagey.. could well have been Iyengar Aathu Azhagey.., as there is so much emphasis on brahminical talk all through the movie. Talking about the language and accent, Vikram has done quite a good job at it whereas Sada (or her dubbing voice) very clearly could not get the iyengar accent right. I was really shocked at Shankar not taking much care about this.

SadaIs it mandatory that the lead female character of such a action movie should always be insane ? How can Sada, hailing from such an orthodox family, attend a show like that (where Remo is introduced) and even more baffling is how can she fall in love with Remo ? There is no scene explaining that she hates orthodoxy and wants to be an ultra-modern girl. The crazy modern bits-and-pieces outfits don't fit on Sada. There seemed to little sense on her part, when she asks about Remo's background before completely loving him. But, how does just a blind back-walk across heavy traffic make her accept him ? Another blunder, I felt was how can you set a time for an alter ego to appear, when they announce that Anniyan would appear at a particular time/date ? And also, I could not comprehend why Prakash Raj & Vivek always arrived at the murder spot in disguise.

The positives about the movie is the fast-paced screenplay after the interval, Vivek's comedy and of course Vikram's amazing acting talent. Prakash Raj interrogating Anniyan and that sequence of dialogue delivery by Vikram where the personalities Ambi and Anniyan surface one after other is genuinely awesome. I would love to watch that scene a few more times. Though the iyengar get-up doesn't suit him well, he has done a commendable job with that character too in terms of accent.

The movie is surely a disappointment coming from the Shankar stable.


Blogger Mahadevan said...

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10:07 AM, September 01, 2005  
Blogger Mahadevan said...

but i always kept wondering why shankar related psychology with mpd (remember the last scene when naser hands over a few books to the judge? there will be a book on psychology), viveks comedy is commendable and vickram has done it so well, no doubts.

but never shud we stop ourselves from appreciating the directors' thinking - engendhu garuda puranam and adhulendhu he has developed a story which is really worthy, though the screenplay didnt match up properly

10:10 AM, September 01, 2005  

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