Tuesday, August 30, 2005

As Hurricane Katrina hit the US Gulf Coast and with New Orleans floating, I felt very sorry (what else can I do) for the affected people and started wondering why the calamity causer was named Katrina ? Is there any underworld hand in it, influenced by Salman Khan? On Googling, I realised that the naming of hurricanes started in 1953, although hurricanes have been around for a long time. At first, they only used female names. People would use the names of there girlfriends, wives, and daughters. One hurricane was named after Bess Truman, the first lady of president Truman. In 1979, a woman's organization started protesting that men's names should also be used to name hurricanes. Since then, six lists of names have been created. Now at the beginning of each season, a new list is drawn up. They start with names that begin with "A" and slowly go down the list. When a hurricane has caused enough damage and destruction, its name is retired and never used again. More elaborate story here and the list of hurricane names here.


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