Thursday, December 08, 2005

ABCD - Review

Got time to catch up with ABCD on tuesday night. The director has tried to redo Azhagan, but with quite some changes and has its own positives and negatives. I couldn't see the movie as an emotional or sentimental fare as some newspapers reviewed.

The story revolves around Anand (Shaam) & Chandra (Sneha), though it is said to revolve around Bharathi (new-face Nandhana) & Divya (Pudukottaiyilirundhu Saravanan Aparna) as well. Shaam & SnehaOne guy and three girls, all have their own share of problems and letdowns in life. All the three women get to meet the hero and happen to fallen in love, as you would expect. The hero falls in love with only one of them though he is very friendly with the others and finally manages to get away from two of them and joins hands with the one he loves.

Voice modulation is one big problem in Sharavana Subayya's movies - do you remember Ajith saying "ithu kathaialla, karruppu sarithiram"? This time, its a bit of an overdose with Sneha's father character having a totally irritating voice all over the movie and Shaam's low tone also is a bit disgusting at times. Sneha and her father, being an orthodox brahmin family, could have spoken the brahmin language properly all through the movie. The mother character doesn't do any damage as she hardly has a dialogue to utter.

The Bharathi character fails to impress in many ways. In an attempt to project her as being bold, one could just end up listening to some gross dialogues. Her reasons to fall with love with Anand is also not so convincing. Divya's portrayal is the biggest question mark. I could not understand the job she is into - one could see her in front of the computer and can very well think of her as a support executive or something similar. Suddenly, she is shown as a girl working in a pub and has to bear the brunt of some drunkards. Being an orphan and having been grown up in the church and being so daring, why should she be working in a place which warrants her to expose herself?

Vadivel's comedy isn't exactly enterprising - the director has tried well to make it blend with the movie and has failed miserably. The songs are a complete misfit, though the picturisations have been innovative.

Sneha has done a commendable job as usual. Many say that Shaam carries the 'unlucky' tag. He would continue to carry it, as long as he doesn't make more efforts to improve his acting skills. Somehow, I feel that he can improve and he is not a man who cannot improve like some other so-called 'heroes' in the trade. He has failed in this round though there was a lot of scope.

Not a great movie, as I expected it to be - but wasn't a bore too.

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