Thursday, December 29, 2005

Sivakasi - a quick glance

Managed to sneak into Sivakasi last week. Being released for Diwali and Standard Fireworks being a major sponsor, the movie was totally like an electric cracker. Not any 1000 or 5000 wala, but a two-and-a-half hour wala with a short break inbetween - once its over, you forget it, go and fetch another cracker to have the fun. While watching the movie, you could sense the Vijay aura all through the movie. It had the usual mass entertaining stuff and nothing more. I think, Vijay is getting a little monotonous by giving very very similar movies most of the time in wanting to just satisfy his mass and keep up his image. I am sure, he can do much better roles where he can do full justice to the character which needs some acting talent and not just do some gimmicks and fight the evil doers or just dance for a few songs or take great oaths to destroy evil or pacifying the crying female folk of the family. Though he is enjoying superstardom and his films are huge hits irrespective of the story, screenplay, etc. But, being Vijay, he has to break the sameness and give us more justice.

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Blogger Jagadish said...

Can we say it truthfully please? You watched Sivakasi by bunking office work. Although that isn't necessarily an irregular happening, given you "work from home".

8:48 PM, December 29, 2005  
Blogger Mahadevan said...

sivakasi - adhu vedi vedicha edam illa. vedi BUSS aana edam. he better stops acting such movies! atlast, unakae purinju irukae, that he needs to make some changes appadinu.

1:55 AM, December 30, 2005  

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