Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Thambi - a violent plead to end violence

I may be very late to comment about this movie, but I got the time only yesternight to watch it and I was very surprised when I noticed that almost 90% of the theatre was filled up for a week-day night show especially after so many days of its release.

To start with, Madhavan has done a commendable job in doing the character of Thambi Velu Thondaiman. As usual, he fights against the social evils. But, he has been portrayed well here who thinks before he acts. He is not just a action hero who goes about ruthlessly killing the villian's henchmen. The hero's parents and sister fall prey to the villian's revenge for Thambi's act of identifying a murderer. Thambi gets angry and rushes to kill the villian. But, changes mind on seeing a family for the villian and doesn't want to continue with the violence and hence starts the full-stop by pleading them to give away the violent ways, but in vain. He is beaten up and thrown with garbage and that's when he decides to oppose the villain in all his acts and from then on Thambi is a big thorn in their flesh. Finally, he helps even the villain's family in riot-time and makes the villain change his mind and then the climax follows.

Director Seeman clearly conveys we people are afraid of some acts around us and we don't have the guts to question them or oppose them, fearing life. As Manivannan's character utters, though some of us have the strength to question evils and rowdyism, we don't do it due to family ties. It reminded me of many instances when I have wanted to fight and didn't actually - there is a life to be led trouble-free as there are stomachs to be fed. At any cost, rowdyism & violence should not continue and its not a good sign for the future is what Seeman has conveyed and has done a cracking job at that.

The songs aren't bad either. Ennama Devi... is quite nice and Sudum Nilavu... rendered by Unnikrishnan and Harini is the best.

Of courses, there are some blips too. Some scenes make you think that this movie is a poorman's Anniyan, though there is no connection to split personalities. Vadivelu has been wasted as there is not much of comedy in the movie. And Pooja, though looks cute from some angles, is clearly a misfit as of now. She has just appeared on screen and has forgotten to act. The director was probably so engrossed in the subject that he didn't bother about making her act. At times, Madhavan's rotund stares and screaming dialogues upset you a bit, but its worth taking it for such a good movie.

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Blogger Craze Maze said...

Somehow I hated this movie.. May be I was not in a mood to watch such a movie... The Jakkamma song was great... but otherwise i did not like it.. (i came out of the theatre half way through the movie..the only other movie i have left the theatre half way through was some Prabhu - maheshwari movie)

10:04 PM, May 21, 2006  

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