Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Paruthi Veeran - realism overdone

Somehow, village based movies have never attracted me. I don't have a definite reason, but I couldn't recollect any such movie which I love. Paruthi Veeran looked like coming quite close, but fell apart towards the end. I have liked Ameer's earlier movies which drove me eagerly to this movie. The director has once again made his mark in many ways. The way he has chosen people for every character in the movie is commendable. Each and everyone fit the respective role aptly and makes you feel like living inside the screen.

The movie is a typically realistic village story and every character is completely villagish. Their language and body language are also taken proper care of and the accent is excellent. The realism is so much that it hurts us back towards the end by being coarse and as a normal human you wouldn't want to see some of those scenes. Yuvan's background music is too good to suit the village moods, but disappoints when he has used a similar tone from his recent Thaamirabharani. The maestro has done his bit for his son by voicing a super melody.

Veeran & and his uncle Sevvaazhai fear towards nothing and are even willing to kill anyone who come against them. Going to jail and coming out in bail keeps happening one after the other and they aren't ashamed of it. They have no boundaries in life and lead an absolutely carefree life. Muthazhagu, who has been friends with Veeran since childhood is madly in love with him and is willing to do anything to marry him though Veeran resists and later accepts her love in the second part of the movie. As you would expect, her father is against this citing his character and more importantly caste. The movie moves very fast and in no time you are at the tragic scenes towards the end which are overdone and as I have said earlier, it definitely hurts the viewer.

Karthi does not look like a debutant at all. He is so much at ease in a demanding role, especially in his first movie. Ameer has to be credited for extracting so much out of him who hails from a family which already knows the nuances of performing well on screen. Saravanan, as his uncle, is unexpectedly refreshing after all the dullard in the few movies he has done till date. Karthi & Saravanan have taken care of some comedy as well which makes us laugh well. But, the graamiya songs and the beats are a bore and you want it to stop soon, though it doesn't. Priyamani fits the best for a village girl, being stubborn to her parents as well as to her lover. She has been given good dialogues which reflect a dogged village girl and comes out shining all through.

Overall, it's a good effort from Ameer & co. in breaking the shackles and giving an entertaining movie but for some crudeness later in the movie. When you look at the flow and depiction, it may be unavoidable, but a good film-maker has the responsibility of not hurting the common-man. The tragedy runs in you for a longer time even after the movie.

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Blogger mani said...

A good film maker has the the responsibility of not hurting a common man !!

I never knew this ..

But i thought i would have liked this film if i have seen it few years before. Now my taste has transitioned to love senseless comedies


7:52 PM, March 04, 2007  

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