Thursday, January 17, 2008

Kaalai - a bull wasted

Another mass movie with Simbu. Tharun Gopi has tried his best to cash in on the Simbu antics and the regular masala mix in giving an usual commercial movie. In the bargain, he has failed to latch on to a storyline which is where he has gone wrong awfully inspite of roping in people who can deliver like Sangeetha, Seema & Simbu. One thing is that the movie never seems to drag at anytime and the tempo is maintained. Since the movie would have been terribly short, the director has tried to place the name confusion wherein for sometime you think that everyone is called Jeeva in the movie, irrespective of sex, age or color. Tharun Gopi has used similar things like in his earlier movie Thimiru - a tough lady, the lady burnt by fire and you are kept guessing why everyone looks for Jeeva (Ganesh in the earlier movie). And also a Nila-song, like the Kiran-song in the earlier version. Too many shades of his earlier movie and I definitely feel that a talented person like Simbu is being wasted by many directors when he can surely take up meaty roles and do justice too. Vedika, the heroine, is pretty much similar to the audience as she doesn't even know what's happening and why. Overall, the movie didn't disappoint me as I didn't have any expectations and also I enjoyed the comedies like Simbu's introduction, the way even politicians and police revere him, the title song and the muted gross dialogues.

Definitely deserves a miss.

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