Thursday, November 08, 2007

Azhagiya Tamizh Magan - not as beautiful as expected

Twice on the same day and I liked the movie better after the second seeing. Still, it's not a complete satisfaction for all I expect from Vijay. But, I heard some cribbing from people in the theatre and they don't like Vijay doing something different from his usual masalas. It's these same people who never stop complaining when Vijay comes up with similar movies one after the other. Can't they see him differently, especially for a talented actor like him should be breaking monotonies and do a lot of variety.

The movie surely hasn't lived up to the expectations it has created, more so after the song release. The songs have been a whopping hit already (Rahman super!) and movie may not be close to that. It's a bold initiative to break Vijay's sameness, but the screenplay lacked the grip that people expect all the time from Vijay, but not from many others. First time in dual role and Vijay has done very well in different style of dialogue deliveries and body language though the appearance isn't any different. Shriya & Namitha are the ladies and the latter is literally seen on only one song. Shriya isn't looking as beautiful as she was in Sivaji, but still has nothing much to do as the usual tamil heroine. There are some good comedy shots from various actors. After Pokkiri's dance let down (inspite of Prabhudeva & Vijay), the choreography for Azhagiya Tamizh Magan is splendid and we have got to see new steps mostly which is very refreshing. Though, one can feel a little disappointed about the picturization of Valayapatti... One other glaring mistake in the movie was that there were a few scenes which were shown on the wrong side, ie, like printing a photograph from the wrong side of the negative, showing mirror images of the real picture. Vijay's dances have been fabulous as usual and he has started to look more and more gorgeous - really azhagu!

All in all, with ESP and a look-alike double role in your hands, you definitely expect a much better screenplay and some real nach scenes. The director has missed it totally there inspite of having a lot of scope to keep the viewers captive. A completely different Vijay movie, not handled that well. Importantly, the fans should also learn to see Vijay in such movies too rather than the usual flat movies and roles. I wouldn't want to miss any of Vijay's movies anyway.

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