Thursday, January 19, 2006

Aaru - Review

AaruSurya has tried to do a Vijay in his latest film Aaru. His last effort at that was a flop with Sree. This time, its better than the last time but still needs a lot of tuning. Director Hari is becoming too predictable and you get to see a ratha aaru very often. This time, he has given quite a racy entertainment, but with a few glitches and drags.

Surya doesn't fit in the shoes of a rowdy role yet - probably a few more miles to go. A Sanjay Ramaswamy or Anbuselvan suits him much better. His tone and dialogue delivery isn't good enough for the local slang and he doesn't get that Vijay-like style in uttering those slangs. Aaru would have been a wonderful script for Vijay and his fans, but it is not bound to be a great hit with Surya playing Aarumugam. Surya shines in the stunt sequences and has the physique to fight those gundas and its not looking like a joke.

What is the Censor Board doing for obscene dialogues? There seems to be too many in this movie and its muted only at very few occurences. A few years back there was a huge roar about the usage of vakka** in a Bharathiraja movie, but this time no one seems to talk about the usage of *tha in this movie - does this mean that the public has improved and don't bother about such language or has such language become way of life? If not the censor board, I think the directors and heroes themselves have a responsibility and they shouldn't invest in such lewdness. More irritating when it is mouthed by women, by Ishwarya in this case.

One good thing about the movie is not using Trisha as just a glamour-doll as she has something to do too. Though, she hasn't done complete justice to it is another matter. Its high time she improved her acting skills and dancing - dance isn't just about moving the limbs. But I feel, she looks her best paired with Surya - Mounam Pesiyathey and this one. There is senti mix also to the movie through Malawika Avinash, but with her good looks and her decent acting abilities I think that she's been wasted for such a trivial role.

Devi Sriprasad's tunes are quite hearable but not great hits. Those who like the kuthu songs will like Freeya Vudu... and Soda Bottle... and the picturisation of Dhurogam... is nice, but reminds you of a song from Ghillli.

Overall, the movie isn't as bad as some suggest, but not a great movie too. Good enough to watch it once for the entertainment, but could have abbreviated the violence.

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