Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Thavamaai Thavamirunthu... - a rush review

A movie from Cheran shoulders a lot of responsibilities, especially after Autograph. As far as the titles go, Thavamaai Thavamirunthu... is my favourite. I could feel something inside whenever I hear/read that title. But, as far as I can see, the movie could have been lot more better. It doesn't need me to say that this movie won't be a big hit as Cheran's earlier movie. Probably because, almost everyone was able to see an 'Autograph' in their life while only a few can see a 'Thavamaai Thavamirunthu' in their life. At the same time, I also feel that Cheran could have given something more to the movie. Can we call it complacency on his part after his whopping success with Autograph?

* Toooooo slow, yes emotional dramas can't be fast-paced, but this one just tortoises its way all over
* Autograph effect can be seen in too many scenes and shots and you could not think that this is a different movie
* Cheran's acting seems to get monotonous - many of his scenes remind me of Autograph. My opinion of him being a very good actor is slowing fading as I could sense the staleness
* Yenna Paarkkirai song picturization - slightly crossing the lines in a Cheran movie
* Music - such sentimental fares touch you more with better background scores

* Rajkiran - too realistic acting
* Saranya - realistic again
* Cheran - wonderful screenplay for a very simple theme and superb characterization
* Padmapriya - fits perfectly into the role
* Senthil (Radio Mirchi RJ) - does not seem to be new to acting

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